New apartmentbuilding with swimming pool

Object: Berlin, Lietzenburger Str. 41
Owner:  Waechter & Partner Immobilien GmbH
Description: 1 - 9

After lenghty and successful negotiations with the building authorities a challenging building was approved: four apartments with saunas covering 8 floors and a swimming pool at the last floor create a unique living environment between the highly frequented Lietzenburger Strasse and the calm greenery at Schaperstrasse.

Defensive walls in bricks blending in with the neighbouring buildings from the late 19th century and 1960ies completed with highly noise protecting windows are sheltering the flats to the north. The back façade offers e complete different gesture with ceiling high windows and extensive terraces opening to the south.
The wooden frames at single large windows on both sides hint to the residential use and form a recognisable link. 

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